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new music!

RedJ Music has a new quarterly music magazine

RedJ Music established in 1994 now has a quarterly new music magazine.
Inspired by the successful CMJ magazine, the very first issue to be released in Mid July. The first issue will feature alternative, folk, funk, pop and Jazz. An incredible roster of musicians and their all original music.

RedJ Music has produced such artist's CDs as: Spiritease, Jules Cohen & Whatever. RedJ Music also produced other artist's shows like Kayle Brecher (jazz sensation) and The NYC Song Night that ran 3x with a huge lineup of original talent. It was only natural that RedJ Music make a Compilation of this music available to the public. By many popular demands it will only be available in cassette format. Seems this audio is making a comeback this year.

To recieve a copy of the very 1st issue....

send $3. If outside of the US $5 (US currency) to:

RedJ Music
226 E. 70th st
NY, NY 10021

Thank you for listening and supporting new music.

Kayla Krause
VP of Promotions
RedJ Music
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